Upstyle classic looks for your hair

Upstyle classic looks for your hair |

Upstyle hair looks that will raise your game has always been a small bit complicated for most females wanting to look classy but still like they only just going out to have a coffee. Take a look at our five classic up-styles for head-turning attention.

Upstyle Hairstyles Loved By Us:

Twist and Shout

Items needed: A Comb, 6 small rubber bands, 1 big rubber band, and bobby pins if you do the curled style

Knotty Girl

How to accomplish this: Divide hair at the crown of the head into two even sections, then tie into a simple knot.
Add hair to each side of the knot (as you would do with a french braid) then tie into another knot below the first.
Repeat the previous step for a third section, pulling hair from each side. Use the remaining amount of hair for the fourth and final knot.
Fasten the bottom with an elastic band. You can either leave the style like a low ponytail or tuck the hair up and underneath the knots with bobby pins to create a cute updo instead

Other Upstyle Hairstyles:

Braidy Bunch upstyle

Although not much information is given on this hairstyle in order for you to start doing it yourself, we have found some cool inspirations for you to try out, see them here

Side Swept Hair-look

Get inspired using these motives for sweeping your hair to the side

Petal Power Hair-look

See this overload pack of inspirations for achieving this up-style look here

Some Petal Power hairstyles that we have enjoyed:

  1.  Flower Tips
  2. Flower In Her Hair
  3. Pearly Dreams Halo

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