Nail Polish UV Lamp Dryer


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  • This product is specially designed for nail art and with 36W high power, it can be used to dry the UV and LED gel fast and effectively.
  • The chip LEDs is durable to use and difficult to be damaged.
  • Without the infrared whose radiation is strong, this product emits white light, which ensures the colour of nail gel and its light has no harm to nails, eyes, and skin, protecting your hands from being black.
  • 10s, the 30s, 60s, 99s time setting is automatically adjusted for easy operation and the 99s timing is painless.
  • The new technology of double light source makes this dryer suitable for drying nail UV-glue and LED nail gel and some others. No need to worry about distinguishing your nail gel.
  • The automatic sensor will automatically start when hands get into the machine.

The Uv nail polish dryer Specifications:

Type: Show Hacros LED/UV Nail lamp and Dryer

Module: Z3

Full Power: 36 Watt

Quantity: 1 Piece

Dimension and size: 190mm / 80mm / 176mm

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