Android Pixel Galaxy Note Type C USB Cable Charger


Before 2020, smartphones charged and transferred files through using a Micro-USB port and cable. These days, however, it’s more common to find a new standard called USB Type-C.

Cellphones using Android USB Type C charges:

  • Newer models in the Pixel
  • Newer models in the Galaxy
  • Newer models in the Note
  • Newer models in the Huawei
  • Other new Android devices

About Android USB Type C Cables

This port technology is faster, more efficient & may flip being flexible so that you can plug in your cord correctly every time.

Know what you buying:

  • Angle-free cable charges and syncs through one cable
  • Durable, flexible cord, to suit a variety of everyday connection needs
  • Ensures a complete charge and sync compatibility for the latest Android devices
  • The 1M cable can reach from the floor to a small table

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