Keeping Your Healthy Hair Locked Down

Keeping Your Healthy Hair Locked Down

With your daily routine under revision, let’s take a minute to think about time usually spent getting ready for the day. Having clean, presentable hair is always at the top of the list. Between blow-drying, curling, crimping and straightening, our locks never seem to catch a break. Here are three ways you can nourish and repair your hair with the time usually spent damaging it.

How to keep your hair healthy

  1. Make sure you purchase a nourishing shampoo. We love Wella Professionals Fusion Shampoo, inspired by spider silk, one of nature’s strongest fibers. It’s a delicate blend created especially for damaged hair that will leave your locks both clean and cared for as micronized lipids provide instant wet conditioning.
  2.  We put our hair through hell on a daily, literally. Heat is one of the leading causes of hair breakage, frizz and dead ends. Put down the hairdryer and pick up Wella Professionals Fusion Conditioner. After a thorough shampoo session, enrich your hair with these silk amino acids to instantly help protect against breakage. So silky, so smooth!
  3. Delve deep into some self-care with a super nourishing hair mask. Wella Professionals has you covered with their luxurious, creamy Fusion Mask that will see your hair back from the dead. All you have to do is sit back for five minutes, let it sink in, rinse and you’re set.

Give your locks a chance to rest, restore and regenerate with Wella Professionals impeccable Fusion Range.

When lockdown is over, remember to support your local salon and your locks with a Wella Amino Refiller treatment. Created to make your hair more resilient, this treatment penetrates down to the cortex (part of the structure of hair that is attributed to strength, colour and texture), refilling it with amino acids.

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