How to maintain your hair on your wedding day

How to maintain your hair on your wedding day |

It’s a known fact that the best-laid plans don’t always run as smoothly – and the same is true of your bridal look on your big day. Whether your hairstylist has a last-minute emergency or the weather has taken a turn, make sure you’ve got these hair essentials at hand (emergency bridal kit, anyone?) so your dream day doesn’t become a bad hair day.

Keep your hair fresh and looking beautiful throughout your wedding day with these tips

Volumizing mousse

To inject volume into limp, fine and lifeless hair, there’s just a no better product than a volumizing mousse. If you’re doing your style yourself, apply it to the roots of your hair after washing and work it in gently. Then blow-dry and enjoy a lift in all the right places. In a fix? Dry shampoo works well to inject volume into dry hair too.


Nothing adds luster to your locks like a drop or two of nourishing hair oil. This multi-tasking hair treatment can be used on damp hair after washing to prevent frizz and on dry hair to tame fly-aways and leave your hair looking shiny and smooth for those photographs.

Pins and clips

If you’re having a hairstylist come to your wedding venue to do your hair, you may think these things aren’t necessary. But what happens when she leaves and you’re stuck halfway through the evening with a rogue pin-curl that’s come loose? You’ll be so grateful your bridesmaids packed extra pins and clips to tuck that little guy back in place.


For complicated updos and hair that’s naturally very heavy, a little extra hairspray never hurt anyone. Keep a can in your bridal kit for a last-minute spritz before walking down the aisle and to touch up any loose ends and fly-aways before your reception.

A scarf

You never know when a gust of wind or spatters of rain might strike so make sure you’re prepared, no matter the weather. A small headscarf can be held loosely over your head to help you get from one place to the next without ruining your perfect style. If the weather is really likely to play up or if you’ve planned a winter wedding, pack an umbrella

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