How to clean jewellery correctly amid COVID-19 outbreak

How to clean jewellery correctly amid COVID-19 outbreak

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full effect, one can never be too careful. We’re taking various precautions to avoid the spread of the virus but have you considered how your jewellery can contribute?

Research indicates that the protected crevices of jewellery can harbour bacteria. Thus, hand washing could be rendered pointless if the virus somehow landed on your sparkling diamond engagement ring. And it’s not just your ring that needs cleaning. Watches and earrings can also pick up debris.

To get rid of bacteria on jewellery containing sapphires, diamonds and rubies, wearers are encouraged to wash their rings in warm water with dishwashing soap at least once a week. Beanie Major from engagement ring concierge service In Detail suggests that you give them a gentle scrub with a children’s toothbrush, then rinse them with warm water and leave to air dry on a paper towel.

For softer stones such as emeralds, aquamarines and opals, or those of organic materials like pearls, amber and coral, rings should be washed in warm water only.

Vintage heirloom pieces should be cleaned using a soft polishing cloth for delicate items.

VRN Jewellers suggests that people avoid wearing jewellery altogether during this time period as another safety precaution.

This is good advice considering that alcohol-based sanitisers can harm your jewellery. According to James Allen, an online diamond and bridal jewellery retailer, contact with cleaners that contain chlorine, bleach, and rubbing alcohol “can break down the brilliance of metals and gems over time”. The sanitiser could also loosen the prongs that hold your diamond in place.

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