How to choose a makeup look for your wedding

How to choose a makeup look for your wedding |

The worst thing that can happen is a makeup mishap on your wedding day. Of course, that’s the reason for booking an artist and consultations months in advance. Even so, it’s still beneficial for a bride to know what type of makeup look to go for, as you’re the only one who has the full scope of the wedding. We want to share a few tips with you on how to choose a makeup look for the big day that will complement every aspect of your wedding, but most importantly have you looking and feeling great.

How to choose a makeup look

1. Skin Tone

It is important for any bride to work with her skin tone. This will ensure a flawless application and the most natural look possible, but still, have you looking glamorous and fab. If you have fair skin, opt for lighter shades of makeup such as nudes, pastels, and peaches. You can even venture towards darker browns for a more striking look, but make sure these shades have undertones of yellow so that they blend beautifully with your paler complexion.

Olive-colored skin tones can handle anything. From the palest pinks to the darkest red, feel free to experiment for a look that you’ll love. If you have dark skin, make your features pop with bright berry colours or vibrant pinks. Throw on a gold or bronze highlighter or powder to bring out your natural glow.

2. Style of your dress

When your makeup matches the style of your dress, it creates a cohesive and polished ensemble. Depending on your gown, you’ll know if you should go for a soft, edgy or more delicate look. Complement a modern, revealing design with a makeup look that’s more daring. Try colourful eyeshadow or cat-eye liner. If your dress is light and flowy, amp up the romance with light shades, such as neutral lids and pink lips. Keep the skin dewy for a youthful glow and don’t forget a generous helping of highlighter.

3. Location and Decor

Location and décor can also influence your makeup look. Obviously a dramatic smokey eye and crimson lips might lookout place at a laid-back beach wedding. For a casual outdoor affair on a vineyard, lean towards subtle colours. Try nudes and bronze for a sun-kissed complexion or for a formal reception in a ballroom, you could even try a daring mauve palette.

4. Match the season

Although you should go with what suits your skin tone, it is also smart to match the season in which your wedding takes place. A spring or summer wedding calls for vibrant pinks, peaches or tangerines. A dusting of gold shimmer will look great too. Weddings in the colder seasons let you away with deep jewel tones so bold purples or even greens and blues will encompass the feel on the day.

5. Incorporate personal style

Lastly, the most important makeup trick for the big day is to enhance your everyday look rather than transform your style completely. If you’re known for bright red lips, flaunt it at your wedding too. If you’re more a subtle girl, go for neutrals and incorporate a twist of shimmer for dressier effect. This is the day you want to feel and look your best but still feel and look like yourself.


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